Jessica Robles

I like to think that I live in a dream world where animals talk and understand us in ways other humans cannot. Of course, this is not true and real life shows its ugly self and also injects terrible events, stress and emotions into the little world in my head. Thinking back to when things were innocent and easy, seeing the good in every little thing, that is what I strive to keep and hold onto. Our memories deteriorate or tarnish as we age and begin to develop holes in them. By creating these works, I hope to mend those holes and to attempt to breathe some life into them. The end results are hauntingly beautiful images that often have an overbearing sense of tension or sadness.

The repetitive mark making gives me a sense of calm and the printmaking processes slow the act of producing an image. In the end, I am able to spend time with the images I make, thus giving me time to reflect and, of course, daydream.